totallygirlyblog: Follow spree on tumblr maybe?

yes sure! :) i need new blogs

hey-its-me-lany: omggg u look gorgeous with your new haircut!!! How can a haircut spice up your life a bit? I don't know, I did it a few months ago and then you feel great with yourself! Lovee your videos!! Keep them up!! xx

thanks!!! maybe i shall! you are so sweet.

Anonymous: you try to copy Eva so much it's getting pretty sad...

I’ve never gotten a comment like this before, but then I guess you should know that she’s one of my best friends and 8 weeks ago I gave her a list of the next 12 videos I would be doing to get her input and brainstorm a bit. that’s how much we trust each other with ideas. And also (incase you jump to another wrong conclusion), just because she is doing those videos before me doesn’t mean she is copying me either, she could have just had the same ideas! :)

hafsah58: You look awesome with short hair meg!

thanks you so much!!!